Bulgaria is one of IFIP's co-founders in 1959. The official body in IFIP which represents the country is the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS). According to the present rules, the executive of the Bulgarian National Committee is elected from BAS. The members of this committee are amongst the best Bulgarian experts in the field of Informatics. The Bulgarian National Committee proposes the representatives of Bulgaria in various IFIP Technical Committees. Those representatives lead the IFIP national teams, consisting of several distinguished specialists in organizing seminars, conferences, international scientific events, etc.

The first official Bulgarian representative to IFIP whas Acad. L. Iliev. He was IFIP President of the Bulgarian National Committee (1970-1982). During those years, he established and organized the Bulgarian Technical Committee (TC) and nominated its representatives, among which was the future IFIP President Acad. Bl. Sendov (1989-1992). Acad. Iliev and Acad. Sendov actively participated in the work of the TC-s and all activities organized by them.

The role of IFIP was the establishment in Bulgaria of scientific fields and community. Almost all conferences in the area of ​​Informatics, after 1975, have been organized with the active participation of the Bulgarian National Committee of IFIP. Acad. Iliev was elected for IFIP cognizant officer and vice president during the 1974-1977 term.

Under the patronage of the Technical Committee a number of workshops, symposiums and conferences were organized in Bulgaria: Computing in Education, Application of Mathematics in Biology, Office Automation, etc. Several organizational IFIP events took place in Bulgaria. Among them were the General Assembly in Varna (1984) and the Council Meeting in Sofia (1980), to mention a few.

Most of the Bulgarian Representatives in the IFIP Technical Committees are known for their activity both as researchers in the country and as members of many international scientific program committees. Among them should be mentioned and the names of: B. Penkov, A. Eskenazi, K. Boyanov, D. Dobrev, V. Spiridonov, Il. Stanchev, Bl Sendov, V. Sgurev, V. Lazarov, M. Iliev, etc.

Acad. L. Iliev, Acad. Bl. Sendov, Prof. B. Penkov, Corresp. Members Boyanov K., Professor Il. Stanchev and others have been awarded with the IFIP high distinction “Silver Core Award”.

During his term as president (1989-1992), Acad. Bl. Sendov applied all his energies to make IFIP a modern organization. For quite a long period of time Bulgaria managed to have a successful representatives to all TC-s, most of them rather active. The teams of the National Committee of IFIP have played active role in the organization of all international conferences in the area of ​​Informatics, held in Bulgaria.

Finally it is worth mentioning the Bulgarian connection in the development of World Computing.  In 1973, a U.S. court ruled in favor of the American citizen of Bulgarian origin - John Atanasoff - in his debate against Eckert and Mauchly, who were until then regarded the pioneers of the first electronic computer ENIAC. Atanasoff, together with Cliff Berry, designed the prototype of the first electronic computer, using binary arithmetic, with a capacitor storage device, and is rightfully regarded as the "father of the modern computer".